Friday, February 25, 2011 2:39:00 PM

Week of Feb. 28-March 4

7th Grade

5 point grade for bringing a small plastic bag Monday.

Monday:  Finish discussion of 15-1.  Do Map/matching activity.  HW:  15-1 Quiz

Tuesday:  15-2 Guided Reading together.  HW:  15-2 Quiz

Wednesday:  revisit map/matching activity.  finish discussion of 15-2.

Thursday:  15-3 Guided Reading together.  HW:  15-3 Quiz

Friday:  revisit map/matching activity.  finish discussion of 15-3

8th Grade

Monday:  MO Constitution Review Game

Tuesday:  MO Constitution TEST

Wednesday:  10-1 Guided Reading together.  HW:  10-1 Quiz

Thurday:  finish 10-1 discussion.  do map/matching activity.

Friday:  10-2 Guided Reading together.

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Friday, February 18, 2011 5:58:00 PM

Week of Feb 21-25

7th Grade

Monday:  watch Hidalgo.  Those students not achieving 100% on their test do not get to watch until they correct their test.  HW:  make sure grade record is complete (should have 13 grades; 14 if they got the 5 bonus for bringing a poster board the day we returned from Winter Break) and figure 3rd quarter % by diving points earned by points possible.

Tuesday:  watch Hidalgo.  HW:  Chapter 15 Vocab (21 words on pg 559; don't forget to include Name, Date, Specific Title, # terms & underline terms not entire defiitions) due Thursday.

Wednesday:  watch Hidalgo

Thursday:  Introduce Chapter 15.  Complete 15-1 Guided Reading together. 

Friday:  Continue discussion of 15-1.  Begin 15-2 Guided Reading.

8th Grade

Monday:  Review Ch. 9

Tuesday:  Ch 9 Test

Wednesday:  Go to the library to complete MO Constitution Web Quest

Thursday & Friday:  Complete & discuss MO Constitution Study Guide.

Monday 2/28:  Review Game

Tuesday 3/1:  MO Constitution Test

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Thursday, February 17, 2011 12:57:00 PM

7th Grade Permision Slip

My son/daughter,_________________________, has my permission to watch Hidalgo in Mrs. Dannenmueller’s World History class as a reward for achieving a high-achieving score on the Chapter 11 Test as well as to gain a better understanding of the Islamic culture & the geography of the Arabian Peninsula.  Shown Monday, February 21-23.  Rated PG-13


Signed:_____________________________  Date:______________________

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011 4:22:00 PM

Week of 14-18

7th Grade

Monday:  We reviewed & took a few notes.  A few of them were reminded to turn in 11-3 WS by Tuesday.

Tuesday:  Took notes & discussed.

Wednesday:  Read review material & did questions as it was read.

Thursday:  Review

Friday:  Ch 11 Test.

*Test reward:  if they do well on the test and get their permission slip signed, they may watch Hidalgo on Monday-Wednesday (which is about a horse race across the Arabian Desert and goes along with Chapter 11 material).

8th Grade

Monday:  We reviewed & took a few notes.  A few of them were reminded to turn in 9-3 WS by Tuesday.

Tuesday:  Took notes & discussed.  9-4 WS needs to be turned in by Thursday.

Wednesday:  Made questions for "Read to Learn" material.  

Thursday:  Review "Read to Learn" material

Friday:  Highlight test info from notes.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011 1:06:00 PM

Week of Feb. 7-11

7th Grade

Monday:  More Snow!

Tuesday:  11-2 Notes HW:  11-2 WS (most kids completed this last week)

Wednesday:  Finish 11-2 Notes  HW:  11-3 WS (some kids completed this last week) due Friday

Thursday:  11-3 Notes

Friday:  finish 11-3 Notes.  Possible Test Tuesday (depending on the weather)

8th Grade

Monday:  Snow Day!

Tuesday:  9-2 Notes  HW:  9-2 WS (most kids completed this last week)

Wednesday:  finish 9-2 notes  HW:  9-3 WS (some kids finished this last week)

Thursday:  9-3 Notes

Friday:  finish 9-3 Notes.  9-4 WS assigned Monday, due Tuesday & possible Test Wednesday (depending on the weather

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