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ALL CLASSES: Materials Needed for 2nd Semester

ink pens-doesn't matter what color PENCILS! (they are out already) 1 notebook for only journals (most have used up their first one already) 1 notebook or loose leaf paper for notes, assignments and rough drafts 3 pocket folders (cheap ones are fine we will be taping them together eventually) also make sure binder is functional if not a new one is needed Bonus items 5 points for one thing -NO MORE THAN 10 BONUS POINTS WILL BE AWARDED highlighters markers construction paper kleenex hand sanitizer pack of pencils hot glue sticks poster board
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7th grade 3rd Quarter Silent Reading Day Project Rubric (Scoring Guide)

7th grade 3rd Quarter SRD Project Character Profile: SRD Project Scoring Guide Due FEBRUARY 29TH 2012 Name:__________________________ Date:___________________________ Title and Author of Novel:_______________________________________________________________ ? For this project you will choose a main character out of your chosen novel and explain who the character is and why you chose this character. ? Then, you will find pictures, advertisements, AND songs that the character would like out of newspapers or magazines. ? There must be at least 6 (no more than 8) concisely explained materials. . The following list is how the project will be scored. Layout – 50pts (for either the poster board or bound materials) ? Poster Board o Book title, author, and your name are clearly displayed at the top of the poster /5pts o Board is neat and creative /5pts o Two songs (with lyrics) are included and is displayed neatly on the board /5pts o Two advertisements are included and are displayed neatly on the board /5pts o Two pictures are included and are displayed neatly on the board /5pts o Each chosen material has its source documented under it /10pts o Board is easily read /5pts o There is a paragraph description of the character and why you chose that character: remember, you must choose a main character. /10pts ~OR~ ? Bound Materials o The first page is the cover page with book title, author, and your name /5pts o Materials are bound neatly together /5pts o All the pages are the same size and creative /5pts o There is a paragraph description of the character and why you chose the character: remember, you must choose a main character. /10pts o Two songs with lyrics are neatly included /5pts o Two advertisements are neatly included /5pts o Two pictures are neatly included /5pts o Each chosen material has its source documented on the page /10pts ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Explanation – 25pts o Each material picked has one complete paragraph, no more than two, that explains why the material was picked and how it represents the character (board or bound) /25pts Presentation- 25pts o You are able to tell what the songs, advertisements, and pictures are and why they are important to the character quickly and professionally to your classmates. /25pts Grading Scale Unsuccessful On The Right Track Almost Completely Successful Met Qualification 0 1 2 3-4 5 0 1-3 4-6 7-9 10 0 1-5 6-10 11-15 20 0 1-11 12-22 23-34 35
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8th grade first semester final study guide

8TH GRADE FIRST SEMESTER FINAL STUDY GUIDE TEST SET UP • 32 MULTIPLE CHOICE • 10 CRITICAL THINKING/SHORT ANSWER • 6 ESSAY PROMPTS TO PICK FROM TEXTS • “THE ROAD NOT TAKEN” • “THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK” SPECIFIC STUDY POINTS • THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK o Vocabulary 1. Self-conscious 2. Absurd 3. Vile 4. Aggravating 5. Makeshift 6. Wallow 7. Jubilation 8. Disgruntled 9. Foreboding 10. Intimate 11. Pandemonium 12. Liberated 13. downcast o What are plays made up of? (what are the sections called) o Why did Mr. Dussel come to stay witht eh Franks? o What is one normal thing that the hiding kids do? o Why does Anne scream at night? o What was Mr. Van Daan sneaking downstairs for? o Why did the thief leave? o What holiday do they celebrate in the attic? o Where does the story take place? o Why do they have to hide in the attic? o When Peter tells everyone that Mr. Van Daan is going to sell Mrs. Van Daan’s coat, a stage direction reveals that Peter’s sympathy lies with whom? o A man that is working in the factory asks for more money while they are hiding upstairs. Why are they scared about this? o Who does Anne share her room with? o Who’s room do Anne and Peter ‘visit’ in? o What is the big news that Meip has when she comes to visit early in the morning? o Why does Mrs. Frank want Mr. and Mrs. Van Dann to leave? o How did the police find out where they were hiding? o Which member of the Frank family survived at the end of the play? o Why did Mrs. Frank want Mr. Dussel to stay with Anne instead of Margo? o Why do you think Peter is humiliated when his father tells Mr. Dussel that they don’t’ have much food? o Why does Anne get presents for everyone? o Why does Mr. Frank check out the downstairs after the theif leaves even though everyone tells him not to? o What are some reasons Mrs. Van Daan wants to keep her coat? o What are some normal things Anne can’t do in the attic? o Why does Anne want Peter to have a religion? • THE ROAD NOT TAKEN o Where does the poem take place? o Literary elements ? Rhyme ? Rhythm ? Alliteration ? Simile o Know what the speaker means by the poem ESSAY QUESTIONS • The speaker in the poem thinks about how the decision made in the woods will affect the rest of the speaker’s life. The speaker also notes that the path taken has made all the difference in the speaker’s life. Have you ever made a decision that changed all the rest of your life? What was the decision? How did it change your life? • The speaker in the poem thinks about taking the other path on a different day. Have you ever thought about a choice you made that you cannot go back and change? What was your decision? Why can’t you go back and change it? Did you regret your choice later? Why or why not? • Why do you think Anne does irritating things such as hiding Peter’s shoes and Mr. Van Daan’s Pipe? Would you do thinks like that if you were in Anne’s situation? Why or why not/ • Why do you think Mr. Frank wants everyone to sing the Hannukah song after everyone was so scared by the thief? Do you think this would be helpful to them? Why or why not? • Peter and Anne have been in the same place for a year and a half without really talking. Why do you think they start talking? What changes do they make in order to become friends? How do you think their changes effect the plot of the story? • In the play, stage directions play an important role. What is an example of something dramatic that happens in the play? What role do you think the stage directions play in the drama, and how do you think reading the play would be different without stage directions?
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9th grade first semester final study guide

9TH GRADE FIRST SEMESTER FINAL STUDY GUIDE TEST SET UP • 30 MULTIPLE CHOICE • 6 CRITICAL THINKING/SHORT ANSWER • 4 ESSAY PROMPTS TO PICK FROM TEXTS • “THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME” • “THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO” • “THE NECKLACE” • “THE GIFT OF THE MAGI” SPECIFIC STUDY POINTS • THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME o What is Rainsford’s initial opinion of Zaroff and why. o How could Rainsford’s attitude towards animals be summarized at the beginning of the story? o Why did Zaroff need to change his game of hunting? o Why did Zaroff want to hunt humans? o What is Zaroff’s reaction to what Rainsford says about him hunting humans? o Why does Rainsford participate in the ‘game’? o Why is it suggested that Zaroff doesn’t find Rainsford in the tree? o What does Zaroff think happened to Rainsford when Rainsford jumped off of the cliff? o What does Zaroff think of Rainsford’s traps? o What are at least two ways the author causes suspense in this story? • THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO o According to Montresor, what kind of revenge must it be in order for it to be successful? o How does Montresor bait Fortunato? o Why does Montresor want revenge on Fortunato? o What are some characteristics both Montresor and Fortunato share? o Vocabulary ? Impunity ? Explicit ? Implore o How is mood achived? • THE GIFT OF THE MAGI o Why is Della upset at the beginning of the story? o How did Della’s hair and Jim’s watch make them feel? o How does Della choose Jim’s gift? o Why does Jim react the way he does when he sees Della’s cut hair? o What are some feelings Della felt when she saw what her gift was? o When they both realize what they had done how do they deal with it? o Why does Jim put the fob chain away for safekeeping? o What are at least three characterizations of Della? o What are at least three characterizations of Jim? • THE NECKLACE o Why is Madame Loisel so unhappy at the beginning of the story? o Why isn’t she happy about being invited to the exclusive party? o Why is she admired at the party? o Throughout the story, what do Monsieur and Madame Loisel disagree about? o What is Madame Loisel’s greatest fear? o What is third person omniscient point of view/ ESSAY QUESTIONS • Fifty years have elapsed between the events of the story and the time that Montresor narrates them. Why do you think he chooses to tell his story such a long time after the events occurred instead of right after they happened? Do you think Montresor’s life after the events of the story gave him an enriched perspective into what happened? • What is your opinion of the sacrifices that Dell and Jim make for each other in this story? Why do you feel this way? • Describe Zaroff’s unusual ideas about life and death. Support your answer with specific references to the story. • Explain how reality triumphs over dreams in this story. Be sure to cite evidence from the story
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7th grade first semester final study guide

7TH GRADE FIRST SEMESTER FINAL STUDY GUIDE TEST SET UP • 16 MULTIPLE CHOICE • 10 CRITICAL THINKING/SHORT ANSWER • 5 ESSAY PROMPTS TO PICK FROM TEXTS • “SEVENTH GRADE” • “AMIGO BROTHERS” • “BROKEN CHAIN” • “BIG YELLOW TAXI” • “THE TALE OF ‘KIKO WIKO” SPECIFIC STUDY POINTS • SEVENTH GRADE o What is Victor’s problem in “Seventh Grade”? o At the end of the story how does Victor think his seventh grade year is going to be? o Why does Victor want to be the best student in French class? • “BROKEN CHAIN” o What did Antonio do to cope with his nervousness of the fight the night before? o Was Ernie happy that Alfonso met a girl? o Explain Alfonso’s character and how you know that. o What details from the story make you realize what the main idea is? o How is Alfonso’s relationship with his father? o What are signs that tell you Alfonso is nervous to talk to Sandra? o How does Alfonso’s financial situation affect him? • “AMIGO BROTHERS” o How do the Amigo brothers fight? o What is an external conflict and internal conflict in this story? o What makes the boys stop training together? • “BIG YELLOW TAXI” o The speaker of “Big Yellow Taxi” would rather have what than parking lots? o What is the theme of this song? o How does the line “a big yellow taxi took away my old man,” fit in with the theme of the song? • “THE TALE OF ‘KIKO WIKO” o What kind of person is ‘Kiko? o How does the story differ from a typical fairy tale? o How does the author remind you that you aren’t reading something realistic? o What are the conflicts in this story? ESSAY QUESTIONS • Which brother in “Broken Chain” acts sillier in attempt to draw girl attention to themselves? Give specific examples from the selection to prove your point. • In “Amigo Brothers” who do you think won the fight? Finish the story with a final paragraph addition to the story. How will this outcome affect the boxers’ friendship? Why? Make sure you use your personal experience and what you read in the story to decide what will happen with them. • At the start of the story, “Broken Chain,” how does Alfonso feel about himself? By the end of the story, how do you think these feelings have changed? • Imagine you had to decide on a major change in your town or neighborhood. What would you do to make sure people would not regret change later? • In the title frame, ‘Kiko describes fairy tales as “whimsical.” How does she behave whimsically in this fairy tale? Would you like ‘Kiko as a friend? Why or Why not?
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